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sculptorn. [L. sculptor, fr. sculpere, sculptum, to carve; cf. scalpere to cut, carve, scratch, and Gr. to carve: cf. F. sculpteur.].
  •  One who sculptures; one whose occupation is to carve statues, or works of sculpture.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Hence, an artist who designs works of sculpture, his first studies and his finished model being usually in a plastic material, from which model the marble is cut, or the bronze is cast.  [1913 Webster]


sculptor, n. (fem. sculptress) an artist who makes sculptures.




Arp, CYSP sculpture, French, Maillol, Michelangelo, Milles, Moore, Oldenburg, Phidias, Picasso, Pisano, Praxiteles, Saint-Gaudens, anaglyptics, anaglyptography, architectural sculpture, bone-carving, carver, casting, ceroplastics, chaser, chasing, clay modeler, clay sculpture, decorative sculpture, earth art, earth artist, embossing, engraving, figurer, figuriste, founding, garden sculpture, gem carver, gem-cutting, glass sculpture, glyptic, graver, ivory-carving, lost-wax process, mason, metal sculpture, modeler, modeling, molder, molding, monumental mason, monumental sculpture, paper sculpture, plaster casting, plastic art, portrait sculpture, relief, relief-carving, relievo, sculptress, sculpture, sculpturer, sculpturing, shell-carving, statuary, stone sculpture, stonecutter, stonecutting, wax modeler, whittling, wire sculpture, wood carver, wood carving, xyloglyphy




N artist, painter, limner, drawer, sketcher, designer, engraver, master, old master, draftsman, draughtsman, copyist, dauber, hack, enamel, enameler, enamelist, caricaturist, historical painter, landscape painter, marine painter, flower painter, portrait painter, miniature painter, miniaturist, scene painter, sign painter, coach painter, engraver, Apelles, sculptor, carver, chaser, modeler, figuriste, statuary, Phidias, Praxiteles, Royal Academician, photographer, cinematographer, lensman, cameraman, camera technician, camera buff, wildlife photographer, photo safari, with gun and camera.

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