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Verb (usu participle)


scramv. i. 
     to leave; to go away; used mostly as an impolite command to a person to go away from a specific location.  [PJC]
scramv. t. 
     to shut down (a nuclear reactor) quickly, as in an emergency.  [PJC]
     the rapid shut down of a nuclear reactor, as in an emergency.  [PJC]


scram, v.intr. (scrammed, scramming) (esp. in imper.) colloq. go away.

20th c.: perh. f. SCRAMBLE



be off, beat it, begone, blow, clear out, decamp, dog it, duck and run, duck out, flake off, get, get going, get lost, get out, git, hightail, hit the road, kite, lam, make yourself scarce, shove off, skedaddle, skin out, split, take a powder, take off, vamoose

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