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scissilea. [L. scissilis, fr. scindere, scissum, to cut, to split: cf. F. scissile. See Schism.].
     Capable of being cut smoothly; scissible.  Arbuthnot.  [1913 Webster]


scissile, adj. able to be cut or divided.

L scissilis f. scindere sciss- cut



alienable, breakable, brittle, brittle as glass, crackable, crisp, crispy, crumbly, crushable, delicate, dissoluble, dissolvable, divisible, fissile, fissionable, flimsy, fracturable, fragile, frail, frangible, friable, lacerable, separable, severable, shatterable, shattery, shivery, splintery, vulnerable




N disjunction, disconnection, disunity, disunion, disassociation, disengagement, discontinuity, abjunction, cataclasm, inconnection, abstraction, abstractedness, isolation, insularity, insulation, oasis, island, separateness, severalty, disjecta membra, dispersion, apportionment, separation, parting, circumcision, detachment, segregation, divorce, sejunction, seposition, diduction, diremption, discerption, elision, caesura, break, fracture, division, subdivision, rupture, compartition, dismemberment, dislocation, luxation, severance, disseverance, scission, rescission, abscission, laceration, dilaceration, disruption, abruption, avulsion, divulsion, section, resection, cleavage, fission, partibility, separability, fissure, breach, rent, split, rift, crack, slit, incision, dissection anatomy, decomposition, cutting instrument, buzzsaw, circular saw, rip saw, separatist, disjoined, discontinuous, multipartite, abstract, disjunctive, secant, isolated, insular, separate, disparate, discrete, apart, asunder, far between, loose, free, unattached, unannexed, unassociated, unconnected, distinct, adrift, straggling, rift, reft, scissile, divisible, discerptible, partible, separable, separately, one by one, severally, apart, adrift, asunder, in twain, in the abstract, abstractedly.

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