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scallionn. [OF. escalone, eschaloingne, L. caepa Ascalonia onion of Ascalon; caepa onion + Ascalonius of Ascalon, fr. Ascalo Ascalon, a town in Palestine. Cf. Shallot.].
  •  A kind of small onion (Allium Ascalonicum), native of Palestine; the eschalot, or shallot.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Any onion which does not “bottom out,” but remains with a thick stem like a leek.  Amer. Cyc.  [1913 Webster]


scallion, n. a shallot or spring onion; any long-necked onion with a small bulb.

ME f. AF scal(o)un = OF escalo(i)gne ult. f. L Ascalonia (caepa) (onion) of Ascalon in anc. Palestine

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