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sandalwoodn. [F. sandal, santal, fr. Ar. , or Gr. sa`ntalon; both ultimately fr. Skr. candana. Cf. Sanders.].
     The highly perfumed yellowish heartwood of an East Indian and Polynesian tree (Santalum album), and of several other trees of the same genus, as the Hawaiian Santalum Freycinetianum and S. pyrularium, the Australian S. latifolium, etc. The name is extended to several other kinds of fragrant wood.  [1913 Webster]
False sandalwood, the fragrant wood of several trees not of the genus Santalum, as Ximenia Americana, Myoporum tenuifolium of Tahiti. -- Red sandalwood, a heavy, dark red dyewood, being the heartwood of two leguminous trees of India (Pterocarpus santalinus, and Adenanthera pavonina); -- called also red sanderswood, sanders or saunders, and rubywood.


sandalwood, n.
1 the scented wood of a sandal-tree.
2 a perfume derived from this.

red sandalwood the red wood from either of two SE Asian trees, Adenanthera pavonina and Pterocarpus santalinus, used as timber and to produce a red dye. sandalwood oil a yellow aromatic oil made from the sandal-tree.

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