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samariumn. [NL., fr. E. samarskite.].
     A rare metallic element of doubtful identity.  [1913 Webster]
    " Samarium was discovered, by means of spectrum analysis, in certain minerals (samarskite, cerite, etc.), in which it is associated with other elements of the earthy group. It has been confounded with the doubtful elements decipium, philippium, etc., and is possibly a complex mixture of elements not as yet clearly identified. Symbol Sm. Provisional atomic weight 150.2."  [1913 Webster]


samarium, n. Chem. a soft silvery metallic element of the lanthanide series, occurring naturally in monazite etc. and used in making ferromagnetic alloys.

Symb.: Sm.
samarskite the mineral in which its spectrum was first observed, f. Samarski name of a 19th-c. Russ. official

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