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Noun, Verb (transitive)


salvagen. [F. salvage, OF. salver to save, F. sauver, fr. L. salvare. See Save.].
  •  The act of saving a vessel, goods, or life, from perils of the sea.  [1913 Webster]
    "Salvage of life from a British ship, or a foreign ship in British waters, ranks before salvage of goods."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The compensation allowed to persons who voluntarily assist in saving a ship or her cargo from peril.  Kent. Abbot.  [1913 Webster]
salvagea. & n. 
     Savage.  Spenser.  [1913 Webster]


salvage, n. & v.
1 the rescue of a ship, its cargo, or other property, from loss at sea, destruction by fire, etc.
2 the property etc. saved in this way.
3 a the saving and utilization of waste paper, scrap material, etc. b the materials salvaged.
4 payment made or due to a person who has saved a ship or its cargo.
1 save from a wreck, fire, etc.
2 retrieve or preserve (something favourable) in adverse circumstances (tried to salvage some dignity).

salvageable adj. salvager n.
F f. med.L salvagium f. L salvare SAVE(1)



abatement, admission, admission fee, agio, allowance, amends, anchorage, atonement, bank discount, blood money, breakage, brokerage, carfare, cash discount, cellarage, chain discount, charge, charge-off, charges, compensation, concession, conservancy, conservation, conservationism, consideration, cover charge, cut, damages, deduction, deliver, deliverance, delivery, demand, depreciation, discount, dockage, drawback, dues, entrance fee, environmental conservation, exaction, exactment, extract, extricate, extrication, fare, fee, forest conservation, forest management, free, freeing, guerdon, hire, honorarium, indemnification, indemnity, keeping, kickback, liberate, liberation, license fee, lifesaving, maintenance, meed, penalty, penalty clause, percentage, pilotage, portage, premium, preserval, preservation, price, price reduction, price-cut, protection, quittance, ransom, rebate, rebatement, recapture, reclaim, reclaiming, reclamation, recompense, recoup, recoupment, recover, recovery, recuperation, recycle, redeem, redemption, redress, reduction, refund, regain, regainment, release, remuneration, reoccupation, reparation, replevin, replevy, repossession, requital, requitement, rescue, restitution, restoration, resumption, retake, retaking, retribution, retrieval, retrieve, return, revindication, revival, reward, rollback, safekeeping, salvation, salve, satisfaction, save, saving, scot, scot and lot, set free, setoff, shot, smart money, soil conservation, solatium, storage, stream conservation, support, tare, time discount, toll, towage, trade discount, tret, trover, underselling, upkeep, water conservation, wergild, wetlands conservation, wharfage, wildlife conservation, win back, write-off




N acquisition, gaining, obtainment, procuration, procurement, purchase, descent, inheritance, gift, recovery, retrieval, revendication, replevin, restitution, redemption, salvage, trover, find, trouvaille, foundling, gain, thrift, money-making, money grubbing, lucre, filthy lucre, pelf, loaves and fishes, the main chance, emolument, profit, earnings, winnings, innings, pickings, net profit, avails, income, proceeds, produce, product, outcome, output, return, fruit, crop, harvest, second crop, aftermath, benefit, sweepstakes, trick, prize, pool, pot, wealth, subreption, obreption, stealing, acquiring, acquired, profitable, advantageous, gainful, remunerative, paying, lucrative, lucri causa.


N price, amount, cost, expense, prime cost, charge, figure, demand, damage, fare, hire, wages, value, dues, duty, toll, tax, impost, cess, sess, tallage, levy, abkari, capitation tax, poll tax, doomage, likin, gabel, gabelle, gavel, octroi, custom, excise, assessment, benevolence, tithe, tenths, exactment, ransom, salvage, tariff, brokerage, wharfage, freightage, bill, shot, priced, to the tune of, ad valorem, dutiable, mercenary, venal, no penny no paternoster, point d'argent point de Suisse, no longer pipe no longer dance, no song no supper, if you dance you have to pay the piper, you get what you pay for, there's no such thing as a free lunch, one may have it for, a bon marche.


N discount, abatement, concession, reduction, depreciation, allowance, qualification, set-off, drawback, poundage, agio, percentage, rebate, rebatement, backwardation, contango, salvage, tare and tret, sale, bargain, half price, price war, wholesale, wholesale price, dealer's price, trade price, coupon, discount coupon, cents-off coupon, store coupon, manufacturer's coupon, double coupon discount, triple coupon discount, discounting, at a discount, below par, at wholesale, have a friend in the business.


N reward, recompense, remuneration, meed, guerdon, reguerdon, price, indemnity, indemnification, quittance, compensation, reparation, redress, satisfaction, reckoning, acknowledgment, requital, amends, sop, atonement, retribution, consideration, return, quid pro quo, salvage, perquisite, vail, douceur, bribe, hush money, smart money, blackmail, extortion, carcelage, solatium, allowance, salary, stipend, wages, compensation, pay, payment, emolument, tribute, batta, shot, scot, bonus, premium, tip, fee, honorarium, hire, dasturi, dustoori, mileage, crown, remunerative, remuneratory, munerary, compensatory, retributive, reparatory, rewarding, satisfactory, fideli certa merces, honor virtutis praemium, tibi seris tibi metis.

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