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36 in 35 verses (in OT : 30 in 29 verses) (in NT : 6 in 6 verses)


rebellionn. [F. rébellion, L. rebellio. See Rebel, v. i. Among the Romans rebellion was originally a revolt or open resistance to their government by nations that had been subdued in war. It was a renewed war.].
  •  The act of rebelling; open and avowed renunciation of the authority of the government to which one owes obedience, and resistance to its officers and laws, either by levying war, or by aiding others to do so; an organized uprising of subjects for the purpose of coercing or overthrowing their lawful ruler or government by force; revolt; insurrection.  [1913 Webster]
    "No sooner is the standard of rebellion displayed than men of desperate principles resort to it."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Open resistance to, or defiance of, lawful authority.  [1913 Webster]
Commission of rebellion (Eng. Law), a process of contempt issued on the nonappearance of a defendant, -- now abolished. Wharton. Burrill.
Syn. -- Insurrection; sedition; revolt; mutiny; resistance; contumacy. See Insurrection.


rebellion, n. open resistance to authority, esp. organized armed resistance to an established government.

ME f. OF f. L rebellio -onis (as REBEL)



anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarchy, antinomianism, chaos, civil disorder, confusion, contumacy, criminal syndicalism, defiance, disobedience, disorder, disorderliness, disorganization, disruption, emeute, general uprising, insubordination, insurgence, insurgency, insurrection, jacquerie, levee en masse, lynch law, misrule, mob law, mob rule, mobocracy, mutiny, nihilism, ochlocracy, outbreak, peasant revolt, primal chaos, putsch, rebelliousness, resistance, revolt, revolution, riot, rising, syndicalism, tohubohu, turmoil, unruliness, uprising




N disobedience, insubordination, contumacy, infraction, infringement, violation, noncompliance, nonobservance, revolt, rebellion, mutiny, outbreak, rising, uprising, insurrection, emeute, riot, tumult, strike, barring out, defiance, mutinousness, mutineering, sedition, treason, high treason, petty treason, misprision of treason, premunire, lese majeste, violation of law, defection, secession, insurgent, mutineer, rebel, revolter, revolutionary, rioter, traitor, quisling, carbonaro, sansculottes, red republican, bonnet rouge, communist, Fenian, frondeur, seceder, secessionist, runagate, renegade, brawler, anarchist, demagogue, Spartacus, Masaniello, Wat Tyler, Jack Cade, ringleader, disobedient, uncomplying, uncompliant, unsubmissive, unruly, ungovernable, breachy, insubordinate, impatient of control, incorrigible, restiff, restive, refractory, contumacious, recusant, recalcitrant, resisting, lawless, mutinous, seditions, insurgent, riotous, unobeyed, unbidden, seditiosissimus quisque ignavus, unthread the rude eye of rebellion.

Also see definition of "rebellion" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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