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pyritesn. [L., fr. Gr. , fr. fire. See Pyre.].
     A name given to a number of metallic minerals, sulphides of iron, copper, cobalt, nickel, and tin, of a white or yellowish color.  [1913 Webster]
    " The term was originally applied to the mineral pyrite, or iron pyrites, in allusion to its giving sparks when struck with steel."  [1913 Webster]
Arsenical pyrites, arsenopyrite. -- Auriferous pyrites. See under Auriferous. -- Capillary pyrites, millerite. -- Common pyrites, isometric iron disulphide; pyrite. -- Hair pyrites, millerite. -- Iron pyrites. See Pyrite. -- Magnetic pyrites, pyrrhotite. -- Tin pyrites, stannite. -- White iron pyrites, orthorhombic iron disulphide; marcasite. This includes cockscomb pyrites (a variety of marcasite, named in allusion to its form), spear pyrites, etc. -- Yellow pyrites, or Copper pyrites, the sulphide of copper and iron; chalcopyrite.


pyrites, n. (in full iron pyrites) a yellow lustrous form of iron disulphide.

pyritic adj. pyritiferous adj. pyritize v.tr. (also -ise). pyritous adj.
L f. Gk purites of fire (pur)

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