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ptarmigann. [Gael. tarmachan; cf. Ir. tarmochan, tarmonach.].
     Any grouse of the genus Lagopus, of which numerous species are known. The feet are completely feathered. Most of the species are brown in summer, but turn white, or nearly white, in winter.  [1913 Webster]
    " They chiefly inhabit the northern countries and high mountains of Europe, Asia, and America. The common European species is Lagopus mutus. The Scotch grouse, red grouse, or moor fowl (Lagopus Scoticus), is reddish brown, and does not turn white in winter. The white, or willow, ptarmigan (Lagopus albus) is found in both Europe and America."  [1913 Webster]


ptarmigan, n. any of various game-birds of the genus Lagopus, esp. L. mutus, with grouselike appearance and black or grey plumage in the summer and white in the winter.

Gael. t{agrave}rmachan: p- after Gk words in pt-

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