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postscriptn. [L. postscriptus, (assumed) p. p. of postscribere to write after; post after + scribere to write: cf. F. postscriptum. See Post-, and Scribe.].
     A paragraph added to a letter after it is concluded and signed by the writer; an addition made to a book or composition after the main body of the work has been finished, containing something omitted, or something new occurring to the writer.  [1913 Webster]


postscript, n.
1 an additional paragraph or remark, usu. at the end of a letter after the signature and introduced by 'PS'.
2 any additional information, action, etc.

L postscriptum neut. past part. of postscribere (as POST-, scribere write)



PS, Parthian shot, addendum, affix, afterthought, allonge, appendix, back matter, chorus, coda, codicil, colophon, commentary, conclusion, consequence, continuance, continuation, double take, dying words, enclitic, envoi, epilogue, follow-through, follow-up, infix, interlineation, interpolation, last words, marginalia, note, parting shot, peroration, postface, postfix, postlude, prefix, proclitic, refrain, rider, scholia, second thought, sequel, sequela, sequelae, sequelant, sequent, sequitur, subscript, suffix, supplement, swan song, tag, tail




N sequel, suffix, successor, tail, queue, train, wake, trail, rear, retinue, suite, appendix, postscript, epilogue, peroration, codicil, continuation, sequela, appendage, tail piece, heelpiece, tag, more last words, colophon, aftercome, aftergrowth, afterpart, afterpiece, aftercourse, afterthought, aftergame, arriere pensee, second thoughts, outgrowth.

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