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Verb (transitive)


perturbv. t. [L. perturbare, perturbatum; per + turbare to disturb, fr. turba a disorder: cf. OF. perturber. See Per-, and Turbid.].
  •  To disturb; to agitate; to vex; to trouble; to disquiet.  [1913 Webster]
    "Ye that . . . perturb so my feast with crying."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To disorder; to confuse.  Sir T. Browne.  [1913 Webster]


perturb, v.tr.
1 throw into confusion or disorder.
2 disturb mentally; agitate.
3 Physics & Math. subject (a physical system, or a set of equations, or its solution) to a perturbation.

perturbable adj. perturbative adj. perturbingly adv.
ME f. OF pertourber f. L (as PER-, turbare disturb)



abash, addle, addle the wits, afflict, agitate, ail, alarm, ball up, be the matter, beat, beat up, becloud, bedazzle, befuddle, beset, bewilder, bother, bug, burden, churn, churn up, cloud, complicate matters, concern, confuse, convulse, daze, dazzle, disarrange, discombobulate, discomfit, discomfort, discommode, discompose, disconcert, dishevel, dismay, disorder, disorganize, disorient, disquiet, distract, distress, disturb, electrify, embarrass, embroil, entangle, excite, ferment, flummox, flurry, fluster, flutter, fog, fret, fuddle, fuss, harass, inconvenience, irk, jar, jolt, jumble, knock galley-west, load with care, maze, mist, mix up, moider, muddle, paddle, perplex, perturbate, plague, pother, psych, put out, put to it, puzzle, raise hell, rattle, rile, ripple, rock, roil, roughen, ruffle, rumple, shake, shake up, shock, spook, stagger, stir, stir up, swirl, throw, throw into confusion, torment, trouble, unnerve, unsettle, upset, vex, whip, whip up, whisk, work up, worry




VB derange, disarrange, misarrange, displace, misplace, mislay, discompose, disorder, deorganize, discombobulate, disorganize, embroil, unsettle, disturb, confuse, trouble, perturb, jumble, tumble, shuffle, randomize, huddle, muddle, toss, hustle, fumble, riot, bring into disorder, put into disorder, throw into disorder, muss, break the ranks, disconcert, convulse, break in upon, unhinge, dislocate, put out of joint, throw out of gear, turn topsy-turvy, bedevil, complicate, involve, perplex, confound, imbrangle, embrangle, tangle, entangle, ravel, tousle, towzle, dishevel, ruffle, rumple, litter, scatter, mix, rearrange.


VB excite, affect, touch, move, impress, strike, interest, animate, inspire, impassion, smite, infect, stir the blood, fire the blood, warm the blood, set astir, wake, awake, awaken, call forth, evoke, provoke, raise up, summon up, call up, wake up, blow up, get up, light up, raise, get up the steam, rouse, arouse, stir, fire, kindle, enkindle, apply the torch, set on fire, inflame, stimulate, exsuscitate, inspirit, spirit up, stir up, work up, pique, infuse life into, give new life to, bring new blood, introduce new blood, quicken, sharpen, whet, work upon, hurry on, give a fillip, put on one's mettle, fan the fire, fan the flame, blow the coals, stir the embers, fan into a flame, foster, heat, warm, foment, raise to a fever heat, keep up, keep the pot boiling, revive, rekindle, rake up, rip up, stir the feelings, play on the feelings, come home to the feelings, touch a string, touch a chord, touch the soul, touch the heart, go to one's heart, penetrate, pierce, go through one, touch to the quick, possess the soul, pervade the soul, penetrate the soul, imbrue the soul, absorb the soul, affect the soul, disturb the soul, absorb, rivet the attention, sink into the mind, sink into the heart, prey on the mind, distract, intoxicate, overwhelm, overpower, bouleverser, upset, turn one's head, fascinate, enrapture, agitate, perturb, ruffle, fluster, shake, disturb, startle, shock, stagger, give one a shock, give one a turn, strike all of a heap, stun, astound, electrify, galvanize, petrify, irritate, sting, cut to the heart, cut to the quick, try one's temper, fool to the top of one's bent, pique, infuriate, madden, make one's blood boil, lash into fury, be excited, flush up, flare up, catch the infection, thrill, mantle, work oneself up, seethe, boil, simmer, foam, fume, flame, rage, rave, run mad.

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