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Adjective, Verb (transitive)


personatev. t. [L. personare to cry out, LL., to extol. See Person.].
     To celebrate loudly; to extol; to praise.  [1913 Webster]
    "In fable, hymn, or song so personating
    Their gods ridiculous.
    "  [1913 Webster]
personatev. t. [L. personatus masked, assumed, fictitious, fr. persona a mask. See Person.].
  •  To assume the character of; to represent by a fictitious appearance; to act the part of; hence, to counterfeit; to feign; as, he tried to personate his brother; a personated devotion.  Hammond.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To set forth in an unreal character; to disguise; to mask.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To personify; to typify; to describe.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
personatev. i. 
     To play or assume a character.  [1913 Webster]
personatea. [L. personatus masked.].
     Having the throat of a bilabiate corolla nearly closed by a projection of the base of the lower lip; masked, as in the flower of the snapdragon.  [1913 Webster]


personate, v.tr.
1 play the part of (a character in a drama etc.; another type of person).
2 pretend to be (another person), esp. for fraudulent purposes; impersonate.

personation n. personator n.
LL personare personat- (as PERSON)



act, act a part, act as, act out, adumbrate, ape, body forth, copy, create a role, demonstrate, depict, do, embody, enact, exemplify, figure, foreshadow, illustrate, image, impersonate, incarnate, masquerade as, mime, mimic, mirror, pantomime, pass for, perform, personify, play, play a part, play a role, play opposite, portray, pose as, prefigure, pretend to be, pretypify, project, realize, reflect, represent, shadow, shadow forth, support, sustain a part, take a part, take off



The Drama

VB act, play, perform, put on the stage, personate, mimic, enact, play a part, act a part, go through a part, perform a part, rehearse, spout, gag, rant, strut and fret one's hour upon a stage, tread the boards, tread the stage, come out, star it.


VB imitate, copy, mirror, reflect, reproduce, repeat, do like, echo, reecho, catch, transcribe, match, parallel, mock, take off, mimic, ape, simulate, impersonate, personate, act, represent, counterfeit, parody, travesty, caricature, lampoon, burlesque, follow in the steps of, tread in the steps, follow in the footsteps of, follow in the wake of, take pattern by, follow suit, follow the example of, walk in the shoes of, take a leaf out of another's book, strike in with, follow suit, take after, model after, emulate.


VB copy, drawing, sketch, drought, draft, plot, chart, figure, scheme, image, likeness, icon, portrait, striking likeness, speaking likeness, very image, effigy, facsimile, figure, figure head, puppet, doll, figurine, aglet, manikin, lay- figure, model, mammet, marionette, fantoccini, waxwork, bust, statue, statuette, ideograph, hieroglyphic, anaglyph, kanji, diagram, monogram, map, plan, chart, ground plan, projection, elevation (plan), ichnography, cartography, atlas, outline, scheme, view, radiograph, scotograph, sciagraph, spectrogram, heliogram, V, represent, delineate, depict, depicture, portray, take a likeness, catch a likeness, hit off, photograph, daguerreotype, snapshot, figure, shadow forth, shadow out, adumbrate, body forth, describe, trace, copy, mold, dress up, illustrate, symbolize, paint, carve, engrave, personate, personify, impersonate, assume a character, pose as, act, play, mimic, hold the mirror up to nature.

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