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perpetuityn. [L. perpetuitas: cf. F. perpétuité.].
  •  The quality or state of being perpetual; as, the perpetuity of laws.  Bacon.  [1913 Webster]
    "A path to perpetuity of fame."  [1913 Webster]
    "The perpetuity of single emotion is insanity."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Something that is perpetual.  South.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Endless time.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The number of years in which the simple interest of any sum becomes equal to the principal.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Duration without limitations as to time.  [1913 Webster]


perpetuity, n. (pl. -ies)
1 the state or quality of being perpetual.
2 a perpetual annuity.
3 a perpetual possession or position.

in (or to or for) perpetuity for ever.
ME f. OF perpetuit{eacute} f. L perpetuitas -tatis (as PERPETUAL)



abidingness, age, all-comprehensiveness, all-inclusiveness, antiquity, boundlessness, ceaselessness, chattering, constancy, constant flow, continualness, continuance, continuity, countlessness, defeat of time, defiance of time, distance, diuturnity, durability, durableness, duration, endlessness, endurance, eternity, exhaustlessness, extension, extent, forever, illimitability, immeasurability, immensity, incalculability, incessancy, incomprehensibility, inexhaustibility, infiniteness, infinitude, infinity, innumerability, interminability, lastingness, length, lengthiness, limitlessness, linear measures, long standing, long time, long-lastingness, long-livedness, longevity, longitude, longness, maintenance, measure, measurelessness, mileage, noninterruption, numberlessness, oscillation, overall length, perdurability, perennation, permanence, persistence, pulsation, quick fire, rapid fire, rapid recurrence, rapid succession, rapidity, reach, regularity, repetition, span, stability, staccato, standing, steadfastness, steadiness, stretch, stuttering, survival, survivance, sustainment, tattoo, termlessness, timelessness, unintermission, uninterruption, universality, unmeasurability, vibration, world without end, yardage




N infinity, infinitude, infiniteness, perpetuity, boundlessness, infinite, immense, numberless, countless, sumless, measureless, innumerable, immeasurable, incalculable, illimitable, inexhaustible, interminable, unfathomable, unapproachable, exhaustless, indefinite, without number, without measure, without limit, without end, incomprehensible, limitless, endless, boundless, termless, untold, unnumbered, unmeasured, unbounded, unlimited, illimited, perpetual, infinitely, ad infinitum, as boundless as the sea.


N diuturnity, a long time, a length of time, an age, a century, an eternity, slowness, perpetuity, blue moon, coon's age, dog's age, durableness, durability, persistence, endlessness, lastingness, continuance, standing, permanence, survival, survivance, longevity, distance of time, protraction of time, prolongation of time, extension of time, delay, durable, lasting, of long duration, of long-standing, permanent, endless, chronic, long-standing, intransient, intransitive, intransmutable, persistent, lifelong, livelong, longeval, long-lived, macrobiotic, diuturnal, evergreen, perennial, sempervirent, sempervirid, unrelenting, unintermitting, unremitting, perpetual, lingering, protracted, prolonged, spun out, long-pending, long-winded, slow, long, for a long time, for an age, for ages, for ever so long, for many a long day, long ago, longo intervallo, all the day long, all the year round, the livelong day, as the day is long, morning noon and night, hour after hour, day after day, for good, permanently.


N perpetuity, eternity, everness, aye, sempiternity, immortality, athanasia, interminability, agelessness, everlastingness, perpetuation, continued existence, uninterrupted existence, perennity, permanence (durability), perpetual, eternal, everduring, everlasting, ever-living, ever- flowing, continual, sempiternal, coeternal, endless, unending, ceaseless, incessant, uninterrupted, indesinent, unceasing, endless, unending, interminable, having no end, unfading, evergreen, amaranthine, neverending, never-dying, never-fading, deathless, immortal, undying, imperishable, perpetually, always, ever, evermore, aye, for ever, for aye, till the end of the universe, forevermore, forever and a day, for ever and ever, in all ages, from age to age, without end, world without end, time without end, in secula seculorum, to the end of time, to the crack of doom, to the 'last syllable of recorded time', till doomsday, constantly, esto perpetuum, labitur et labetur in omne volubilis oevum, but thou shall flourish in immortal youth, Eternity! thou pleasing, dreadful thought, her immortal part with angels lives, ohne Rast ora e sempre.

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