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Adjective, Noun


peripatetica. [L. peripateticus, Gr. , fr. to walk about; about + to walk: cf. F. péripatétique.].
  •  Walking about; itinerant.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Of or pertaining to the philosophy taught by Aristotle (who gave his instructions while walking in the Lyceum at Athens), or to his followers.  Howell.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One who walks about; a pedestrian; an itinerant.  Tatler.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A disciple of Aristotle; an Aristotelian.  [1913 Webster]


peripatetic, adj. & n.
1 (of a teacher) working in more than one school or college etc.
2 going from place to place; itinerant.
3 (Peripatetic) Aristotelian (from Aristotle's habit of walking in the Lyceum whilst teaching).
--n. a peripatetic person, esp. a teacher.

peripatetically adv. peripateticism n.
ME f. OF peripatetique or L peripateticus f. Gk peripatetikos f. peripateo (as PERI-, pateo walk)



adj. Walking about. Relating to the philosophy of Aristotle, who, while expounding it, moved from place to place in order to avoid his pupil's objections. A needless precaution -- they knew no more of the matter than he.



Ahasuerus, Ancient Mariner, Argonaut, Flying Dutchman, Goliard, Odysseus, Oisin, Ossian, Ulysses, ambulant, ambulative, ambulator, ambulatory, backpacker, bird of passage, circuit-riding, drifter, expeditionary, floater, foot passenger, foot soldier, foot traveler, footslogger, gad, gadabout, globe-girdling, globe-trotting, go-about, going, hiker, hitchhiker, hoofer, infantryman, itinerant, itinerary, jaywalker, journeying, locomotive, marcher, mover, moving, mundivagant, nomadic, on tour, paddlefoot, passing, pedestrian, perambulating, perambulatory, peregrinative, peregrinator, peregrine, pilgrimlike, progressing, rambler, roamer, rolling stone, rover, roving, runabout, straggler, stroller, strolling, strolling player, touring, touristic, touristy, trailsman, tramper, traveling, trekking, troubadour, vagabond, vagrant, visitant, walker, walking, walkist, wanderer, wandering, wandering minstrel, wandering scholar, wayfaring




N journey, travel, traveling, wayfaring, campaigning, journey, excursion, expedition, tour, trip, grand tour, circuit, peregrination, discursion, ramble, pilgrimage, hajj, trek, course, ambulation, march, walk, promenade, constitutional, stroll, saunter, tramp, jog trot, turn, stalk, perambulation, noctambulation, noctambulism, somnambulism, outing, ride, drive, airing, jaunt, equitation, horsemanship, riding, manege, ride and tie, basophobia, roving, vagrancy, pererration, marching and countermarching, nomadism, vagabondism, vagabondage, hoboism, gadding, flit, flitting, migration, emigration, immigration, demigration, intermigration, wanderlust, plan, itinerary, guide, handbook, guidebook, road book, Baedeker, Bradshaw, Murray, map, road map, transportation guide, subway map, procession, cavalcade, caravan, file, cortege, column, vehicle, automobile, train, bus, airplane, plane, autobus, omnibus, subway, motorbike, dirt bike, off-road vehicle, van, minivan, motor scooter, trolley, locomotive, legs, feet, pegs, pins, trotters, traveler, depot, railway station, station, traveling, ambulatory, itinerant, peripatetic, roving, rambling, gadding, discursive, vagrant, migratory, monadic, circumforanean, circumforaneous, noctivagrant, mundivagrant, locomotive, wayfaring, wayworn, travel-stained, on foot, on horseback, on Shanks's mare, by the Marrowbone stage: in transitu, en route, Int, come along!.


N traveler, wayfarer, voyager, itinerant, passenger, commuter, tourist, excursionist, explorer, adventurer, mountaineer, hiker, backpacker, Alpine Club, peregrinator, wanderer, rover, straggler, rambler, bird of passage, gadabout, gadling, vagrant, scatterling, landloper, waifs and estrays, wastrel, foundling, loafer, tramp, tramper, vagabond, nomad, Bohemian, gypsy, Arab, Wandering Jew, Hadji, pilgrim, palmer, peripatetic, somnambulist, emigrant, fugitive, refugee, beach comber, booly, globegirdler, globetrotter, vagrant, hobo, night walker, sleep walker, noctambulist, runabout, straphanger, swagman, swagsman, trecker, trekker, zingano, zingaro, runner, courier, Mercury, Iris, Ariel, comet, pedestrian, walker, foot passenger, cyclist, wheelman, rider, horseman, equestrian, cavalier, jockey, roughrider, trainer, breaker, driver, coachman, whip, Jehu, charioteer, postilion, postboy, carter, wagoner, drayman, cabman, cabdriver, voiturier, vetturino, condottiere, engine driver, stoker, fireman, guard, chauffeur, conductor, engineer, gharry-wallah, gari-wala, hackman, syce, truckman, on the road.

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