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3 in 4 verses (in OT : 3 in 4 verses)


  •  One who, oe that which, perfumes.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One whose trade is to make or sell perfumes.  [1913 Webster]


perfumer, n. a maker or seller of perfumes.

perfumery n. (pl. -ies).



atomizer, baker, bookdealer, bookseller, butcher, censer, censing, chandler, clothing merchant, confectioner, draper, drysalter, fishmonger, fishwife, florist, footwear merchant, fruiterer, fumigator, furnisher, furrier, greengrocer, grocer, groceryman, haberdasher, hardwareman, incense burner, incensory, ironmonger, jeweler, liquor merchant, newsdealer, odorator, odorizer, odorizing, parfumeur, parfumoir, perfuming, pomander, potpourri, poulterer, pouncet-box, purse atomizer, sachet, saddler, scent bag, scent ball, scent bottle, scent box, scenter, smelling bottle, spray, stationer, thurible, thurifer, tobacconist, vinaigrette, vintner, wine merchant




N fragrance, aroma, redolence, perfume, bouquet, essence, scent, sweet smell, aromatic perfume, agalloch, agallochium, aloes wood, bay rum, calambac, calambour, champak, horehound, lign-aloes, marrubium, mint, muskrat, napha water, olibanum, spirit of myrcia, essential oil, incense, musk, frankincense, pastil, pastille, myrrh, perfumes of Arabia, otto, ottar, attar, bergamot, balm, civet, potpourri, pulvil, nosegay, scentbag, sachet, smelling bottle, vinaigrette, eau de Cologne, toilet water, lotion, after-shave lotion, thurification, perfumer, eucalyptus oil, pinene, fragrant, aromatic, redolent, spicy, savory, balmy, scented, sweet-smelling, sweet-scented, perfumed, perfumatory, thuriferous, fragrant as a rose, muscadine, ambrosial.

Also see definition of "perfumer" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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