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pentateuchn. [L. pentateuchus, Gr. ; (see Penta-) + a tool, implement, a book, akin to to prepare, make ready, and perh. to E. text. See Five, and Text.].
     The first five books of the Old Testament, collectively; -- called also the Law of Moses, Book of the Law of Moses, etc.  [1913 Webster]


pentateuch, n. the first five books of the Old Testament, traditionally ascribed to Moses.

pentateuchal adj.
eccl.L pentateuchus f. eccl.Gk pentateukhos (as PENTA-, teukhos implement, book)



Judeo-Christian Revelation

N Judeo-christian revelation, revelation, inspiration, afflatus, theophany, theopneusty, Word, Word of God, Scripture, the Scriptures, the Bible, Holy Writ, Holy Scriptures, inspired writings, Gospel, Old Testament, Septuagint, Vulgate, Pentateuch, Octateuch, the Law, the Jewish Law, the Prophets, major Prophets, minor Prophets, Hagiographa, Hagiology, Hierographa, Apocrypha, New Testament, Gospels, Evangelists, Acts, Epistles, Apocalypse, Revelations, Talmud, Mishna, Masorah, prophet, evangelist, apostle, disciple, saint, the Fathers, the Apostolical Fathers, Holy Men of old, inspired penmen, scriptural, biblical, sacred, prophetic, evangelical, evangelistic, apostolic, apostolical, inspired, theopneustic, theophneusted, apocalyptic, ecclesiastical, canonical, textuary.

Also see definition of "pentateuch" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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