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Noun, Verb (transitive)


pensionn. [F., fr. L. pensio a paying, payment, fr. pendere, pensum, to weight, to pay; akin to pendre to hang. See Pendant, and cf. Spend.].
  •  A payment; a tribute; something paid or given.  [1913 Webster]
    "The stomach's pension, and the time's expense."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A stated allowance to a person in consideration of past services; payment made to one retired from service, on account of age, disability, or other cause; also, a regular stipend paid by a government to retired public officers, disabled soldiers, the families of soldiers killed in service, or to meritorious authors, or the like.  [1913 Webster]
    "To all that kept the city pensions and wages."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A certain sum of money paid to a clergyman in lieu of tithes.  Mozley & W.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A boarding house or boarding school in France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.  [1913 Webster]
pensionv. t. 
     To grant a pension to; to pay a regular stipend to; in consideration of service already performed; -- sometimes followed by off; as, to pension off a servant.  [1913 Webster]
    "One knighted Blackmore, and one pensioned Quarles."  [1913 Webster]


pension, n. & v.
1 a a regular payment made by a government to people above a specified age, to widows, or to the disabled. b similar payments made by an employer etc. on the retirement of an employee.
2 a a pension paid to a scientist, artist, etc. for services to the state, or to fund work. b any pension paid esp. by a government on charitable grounds.
1 grant a pension to.
2 bribe with a pension.

pension off
1 dismiss with a pension.
2 cease to employ or use.
pensionless adj.
pension, n. a European, esp. French, boarding-house providing full or half board at a fixed rate.

en pension as a boarder.
F: see PENSION(1)



aid, alimony, allotment, allowance, annuity, assistance, benefit, boardinghouse, bounty, depletion allowance, dismiss, dole, dorm, dormitory, doss house, fellowship, financial assistance, fleabag, flophouse, grant, grant-in-aid, guaranteed annual income, guest house, help, hospice, hostel, hostelry, hotel, inn, lodging house, old-age insurance, ordinary, pecuniary aid, pension off, posada, price support, pub, public, public assistance, public house, public welfare, relief, retirement benefits, roadhouse, rooming house, scholarship, shelve, social security, stipend, subsidization, subsidy, subsistence, subvention, superannuate, superannuation, support, tavern, tax benefit, welfare, welfare aid, welfare payments




N receipt, value received, money coming in, income, incomings, innings, revenue, return, proceeds, gross receipts, net profit, earnings, accepta, avails, rent, rent roll, rental, rentage, rack-rent, premium, bonus, sweepstakes, tontine, pension, annuity, jointure, alimony, palimony, pittance, emolument, receiving, received, profitable.

Also see definition of "pension" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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