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Adjective, Noun


pelagiana. [L. pelagius, Gr. pela`gios, fr. pe`lagos the sea: cf. F. pélagien.].
     Of or pertaining to the sea; marine; pelagic; as, pelagian shells.  [1913 Webster]
pelagiann. [L. Pelagianus: cf. F. pélagien.].
     A follower of Pelagius, a British monk, born in the later part of the 4th century, who denied the doctrines of hereditary sin, of the connection between sin and death, and of conversion through grace.  [1913 Webster]
pelagiana. [Cf. F. pélagien.].
     Of or pertaining to Pelagius, or to his doctrines.  [1913 Webster]


pelagian, adj. & n.
--adj. of or concerning the monk Pelagius (4th-5th c.) or his theory denying the doctrine of original sin.
--n. a follower of Pelagius.

Pelagianism n.
eccl.L Pelagianus f. Pelagius
pelagian, adj. & n.
--adj. inhabiting the open sea.
--n. an inhabitant of the open sea.

L pelagius f. Gk pelagios of the sea (pelagos)




N sea, ocean, main, deep, brine, salt water, waves, billows, high seas, offing, great waters, watery waste, vasty deep, wave, tide, hydrography, hydrographer, Neptune, Poseidon, Thetis, Triton, Naiad, Nereid, sea nymph, Siren, trident, dolphin, oceanic, marine, maritime, pelagic, pelagian, seagoing, hydrographic, bathybic, cotidal, at sea, on sea, afloat.

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