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pectinn. [Gr. phkto`s curdled, congealed, from phgny`nai to make fast or stiff: cf. F. pectine.].
     One of a series of carbohydrates, commonly called vegetable jelly, found very widely distributed in the vegetable kingdom, especially in ripe fleshy fruits, as apples, cranberries, etc. It is extracted as variously colored, translucent substances, which are soluble in hot water but become viscous on cooling. It is commonly used in making fruit jelllies.  [1913 Webster]


pectin, n. Biochem. any of various soluble gelatinous polysaccharides found in ripe fruits etc. and used as a setting agent in jams and jellies.

pectic adj.
Gk pektos congealed f. pegnumi make solid

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