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peanut gallery


Noun Phrase


peanut gallery,  
  •  The cheapest seats in a theater, being typically those farthest from the stage, as in the uppermost balcony.  [PJC]
  •  In a television show for children, the section where visiting children sit as guests during the performance.  [PJC]


peanut gallery

Texas tower, auditorium, balcony, beacon, belvedere, bleachers, box, box seat, bridge, conning tower, dress circle, fauteuil, gallery, gazebo, grandstand, lighthouse, loge, lookout, loophole, nigger heaven, observation post, observatory, orchestra, orchestra circle, outlook, overlook, paradise, parquet, parquet circle, parterre, peephole, pharos, pit, proscenium boxes, ringside, ringside seat, sighthole, stall, standing room, theatre stall, top gallery, tower, watchtower

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