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pay back


Noun Phrase, Verb (transitive)


pay back

alternate, atone, bandy, be quits with, change, commute, compensate, cooperate, counterchange, cover, do penance, exchange, expiate, fill up, get back at, get even with, get satisfaction, give and take, give satisfaction, indemnify, interchange, kick back, logroll, make amends, make compensation, make good, make reparation, make requital, make restitution, make retribution, make up for, make up to, pay, pay damages, pay in kind, pay off, permute, quit, reciprocate, recompense, recoup, rectify, redress, refund, reimburse, repay, requite, respond, retaliate, return, return the compliment, reward, set right, square, swap, switch, trade, transpose


pay back


VB retaliate, retort, turn upon, pay, pay off, pay back, pay in one's own coin, pay in the same coin, cap, reciprocate, turn the tables upon, return the compliment, give a quid pro quo, give as much as one takes, give as good as one gets, give and take, exchange fisticuffs, be quits, be even with, pay off old scores, serve one right, be hoist on one's own petard, throw a stone in one's own garden, catch a Tartar.

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