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adhesiveness, anemia, ashiness, bloodlessness, cadaverousness, chloranemia, clabbering, clamminess, clotting, coagulation, colloidality, curdling, deathly hue, deathly pallor, dimness, doughiness, dullness, exsanguination, fadedness, faintness, fairness, flabbiness, fleshiness, gelatinity, gelatinousness, ghastliness, gluelikeness, gluiness, glutinosity, glutinousness, gumlikeness, gumminess, haggardness, heaviness, hypochromia, hypochromic anemia, incrassation, inspissation, jellification, jellylikeness, lentor, lightness, lividness, mashiness, mucilaginousness, muddiness, mushiness, paleness, pallidity, pallidness, pallor, pithiness, prison pallor, pulpiness, pulpousness, ropiness, sallowness, sickliness, sickly hue, slabbiness, sliminess, softness, spissitude, sponginess, squashiness, stickiness, stodginess, stringiness, succulence, syrupiness, tackiness, tenaciousness, tenacity, thickening, thickness, toughness, treacliness, viscidity, viscosity, viscousness, wanness, weakness

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