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oxygenn. [F. oxygène, from Gr. 'oxy`s sharp, acid + root of gi`gnesqai to be born. So called because originally supposed to be an essential part of every acid.].
  •  A colorless, tasteless, odorless, gaseous element of atomic number 8, occurring in the free state in the atmosphere, of which it forms about 23 per cent by weight and about 21 per cent by volume, being slightly heavier than nitrogen. Symbol O. Atomic weight 15.9994.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Chlorine used in bleaching.  [1913 Webster]


oxygen, n. Chem. a colourless tasteless odourless gaseous element, occurring naturally in air, water, and most minerals and organic substances, and essential to plant and animal life.

oxygen mask a mask placed over the nose and mouth to supply oxygen for breathing. oxygen tent a tentlike enclosure supplying a patient with air rich in oxygen.
Symb.: O.
oxygenous adj.
F oxyg{egrave}ne acidifying principle (as OXY- 2): it was at first held to be the essential principle in the formation of acids



acetylene, ammonia, argon, asphyxiating gas, butane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, coal gas, ethane, ether, ethylene, fluorine, formaldehyde, helium, hydrogen, illuminating gas, krypton, lewisite, marsh gas, methane, mustard gas, natural gas, neon, nitrogen, ozone, poison gas, propane, radon, sewer gas, xenon




N life, vitality, viability, animation, vital spark, vital flame, soul, spirit, respiration, wind, breath of life, breath of one's nostrils, oxygen, air, respirator, artificial respirator, heart and lung machine, iron lung, medical devices, lifeblood, Archeus, existence, vivification, vital force, vitalization, revivification, Prometheus, life to come, physiology, biology, animal ecology, nourishment, staff of life, genetics, heredity, inheritance, evolution, natural selection, reproduction (production), microbe, aerobe, anaerobe, facultative anaerobe, obligate aerobe, obligate anaerobe, halophile, methanogen, archaebacteria, microaerophile, animal, vegetable, artificial life, robot, robotics, artificial intelligence, breathing, breathing rate, heartbeat, pulse, temperature, preservation of life, healing (medicine), living, alive, in life, in the flesh, in the land of the living, on this side of the grave, above ground, breathing, quick, animated, animative, lively, all alive and kicking, tenacious of life, full of life, yeasty, vital, vitalic, vivifying, vivified viable, zoetic, Promethean, vivendi causa, atqui vivere militare est, non est vivere sed valere vita.

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