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Adjective, Verb (usu participle)


owingp. p. & a. [Used in a passive sense for owed (AS. āgen. See Own).].
  •  Had or held under obligation of paying; due.  [1913 Webster]
    "There is more owing her than is paid."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Had or experienced as a consequence, result, issue, etc.; ascribable; -- with to; as, misfortunes are often owing to vices; his failure was owing to speculations.  [1913 Webster]


owing, predic.adj.
1 owed; yet to be paid (the balance owing).
2 (foll. by to) a caused by; attributable to (the cancellation was owing to ill health). b (as prep.) because of (trains are delayed owing to bad weather).



accountable, alleged, ascribable, assignable, attributable, attributed, back, charged, coming, coming to, credited, derivable from, derivational, derivative, due, explicable, imputable, imputed, in arrear, in arrears, mature, outstanding, overdue, owed, payable, putative, receivable, redeemable, referable, referred to, traceable, unpaid, unsettled




N debt, obligation, liability, indebtment, debit, score, bill, check, account (credit), arrears, deferred payment, deficit, default, insolvency, bad debt, interest, premium, usance, usury, floating debt, floating capital, debtor, debitor, mortgagor, defaulter, borrower, indebted, liable, chargeable, answerable for, in debt, in embarrassed circumstances, in difficulties, incumbered, involved, involved in debt, plunged in debt, deep in debt, over one's head in debt, over head and ears in debt, deeply involved, fast tied up, insolvent, minus, out of pocket, unpaid, unrequited, unrewarded, owing, due, in arrear, outstanding, past due, aes alienum debitorem leve gravius inimicum facit, neither a borrower nor a lender be.

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