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Adjective, Noun


ovoida. [Ovum + -oid: cf. F. ovoïde.].
     Resembling an egg in shape; egg-shaped; ovate; as, an ovoidal apple.  [1913 Webster]
     A solid resembling an egg in shape.  [1913 Webster]


ovoid, adj. & n.
1 (of a solid or of a surface) egg-shaped.
2 oval, with one end more pointed than the other.
--n. an ovoid body or surface.

F ovo{iuml}de f. mod.L ovoides (as OVUM)



bulblike, bulbous, egg-shaped, ellipse, ellipsoid, global, globate, globe-shaped, globed, globelike, globoid, globose, globular, hemispheric, obovate, obovoid, orb, orbed, orbic, orbicular, orbiculate, orblike, orby, oval, ovate, oviform, ovule, sphere-shaped, spherelike, spheric, spheriform, spheroid




N rotundity, roundness, cylindricity, sphericity, spheroidity, globosity, cylinder, cylindroid, cylindrical, barrel, drum, roll, roller, rouleau, column, rolling-pin, rundle, cone, conoid, pear shape, egg shape, bell shape, sphere, globe, ball, boulder, bowlder, spheroid, ellipsoid, oblong spheroid, oblate spheroid, prolate spheroid, drop, spherule, globule, vesicle, bulb, bullet, pellet, pelote, clew, pill, marble, pea, knob, pommel, horn, knot (convolution), curved surface, hypersphere, hyperdimensional surface, rotund, round, cylindric, cylindrical, cylindroid, columnar, lumbriciform, conic, conical, spherical, spheroidal, globular, globated, globous, globose, egg shaped, bell shaped, pear shaped, ovoid, oviform, gibbous, rixiform, campaniform, campanulate, campaniliform, fungiform, bead-like, moniliform, pyriform, bulbous, tres atque rotundus, round as an orange, round as an apple, round as a ball, round as a billiard ball, round as a cannon ball.

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