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Noun, Verb (transitive)


oversupplyv. t. 
     To supply in excess.  [1913 Webster]
     An excessive supply; a supply in excess of demand.  [1913 Webster]
    "A general oversupply or excess of all commodities."  [1913 Webster]


oversupply, v. & n.
--v.tr. (-ies, -ied) supply with too much.
--n. an excessive supply.



avalanche, balance, be prodigal with, bonus, deluge, dividend, embarras de richesses, engulf, enough, extra, extravagance, extravagancy, flood, flood the market, gratuity, inundate, inundation, lagniappe, landslide, lavishness, leftover, margin, money to burn, more than enough, overabundance, overaccumulation, overage, overbounteousness, overcopiousness, overdose, overequip, overfurnish, overlavish, overlavishness, overluxuriance, overmeasure, overmuchness, overnumerousness, overplentifulness, overplenty, overplus, overpopulation, overprofusion, overprovender, overprovide, overprovision, overrun, oversell, overset, overstock, oversufficiency, overwhelm, plenty, plethora, plus, pourboire, prodigality, redundancy, remainder, something extra, spare, spate, superabundance, superflux, surplus, surplusage, swamp, tip, whelm




N redundancy, redundance, too much, too many, superabundance, superfluity, superfluence, saturation, nimiety, transcendency, exuberance, profuseness, profusion, repletion, enough in all conscience, satis superque, lion's share, more than enough, plethora, engorgement, congestion, load, surfeit, sickener, turgescence, overdose, overmeasure, oversupply, overflow, inundation, avalanche, accumulation, heap, drug, drug in the market, glut, crowd, burden, excess, surplus, overplus, epact, margin, remainder, duplicate, surplusage, expletive, work of supererogation, bonus, bonanza, luxury, intemperance, extravagance, exorbitance, lavishment, pleonasm, too many irons in the fire, embarras de richesses, redundant, too much, too many, exuberant, inordinate, superabundant, excessive, overmuch, replete, profuse, lavish, prodigal, exorbitant, overweening, extravagant, overcharged, supersaturated, drenched, overflowing, running over, running to waste, running down, crammed to overflowing, filled to overflowing, gorged, ready to burst, dropsical, turgid, plethoric, obese, superfluous, unnecessary, needless, supervacaneous, uncalled for, to spare, in excess, over and above, de trop, adscititious, supernumerary, on one's hands, spare, duplicate, supererogatory, expletive, un peu fort, over, too, over and above, overmuch, too much, too far, without measure, beyond measure, out of measure, with a to spare, over head and ears, up to one's eyes, up to one's ears, extra, beyond the mark, acervatim, it never rains but it pours, fortuna multis dat nimium nulli satis, Degree of Subservience.

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