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Adjective, Noun


outsize, adj. & n.
1 unusually large.
2 (of garments etc.) of an exceptionally large size.
--n. an exceptionally large person or thing, esp. a garment.

outsizeness n.



Gargantuan, amplitudinous, astronomical, awesome, boundless, bulky, colossal, cosmic, enormous, extensive, galactic, giantism, gigantic, gigantism, huge, hypertrophy, immeasurable, immense, infinite, king-size, large, mammoth, massive, massy, monster, monstrous, monumental, mountainous, outsized, overbig, overdeveloped, overdevelopment, overfed, overgrown, overgrowth, overlarge, overlargeness, oversized, overweight, prodigious, sizable, spacious, stupendous, titanic, too big, tremendous, vast, voluminous, weighty

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