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     That which grows out of, or proceeds from, anything; an excrescence; an offshoot; hence, a result or consequence.  [1913 Webster]


outgrowth, n.
1 something that grows out.
2 an offshoot; a natural product.
3 the process of growing out.



artifact, benign tumor, brainchild, budding, burgeoning, by-product, callosity, callus, cancer, carcinoma, child, coinage, composition, concoction, consequence, consequent, corn, corollary, creation, creature, crowning achievement, cyst, derivation, derivative, development, distillate, distillation, effect, end product, essence, event, eventuality, eventuation, excrescence, extract, fruit, fungosity, fungus, gemmation, germination, growth, handiwork, harvest, intumescence, invention, issue, legacy, logical outcome, malignant growth, manufacture, masterpiece, masterwork, maturation, metastatic tumor, mintage, mole, morbid growth, neoplasm, nevus, new mintage, nonmalignant tumor, offshoot, offspring, opera, opus, opuscule, origination, outcome, overgrowth, precipitate, procreation, product, production, proud flesh, pullulation, reproduction, result, resultant, sarcoma, sequel, sequela, sequence, sequent, side issue, sprouting, tumor, upgrowth, upshot, vegetation, verruca, wart, wen, work




N sequel, suffix, successor, tail, queue, train, wake, trail, rear, retinue, suite, appendix, postscript, epilogue, peroration, codicil, continuation, sequela, appendage, tail piece, heelpiece, tag, more last words, colophon, aftercome, aftergrowth, afterpart, afterpiece, aftercourse, afterthought, aftergame, arriere pensee, second thoughts, outgrowth.


N effect, consequence, aftergrowth, aftercome, derivative, derivation, result, resultant, resultance, upshot, issue, denouement, end, development, outgrowth, fruit, crop, harvest, product, bud, production, produce, work, handiwork, fabric, performance, creature, creation, offspring, offshoot, firstfruits, firstlings, heredity, telegony, premices premises, owing to, resulting from, derivable from, due to, caused by, dependent upon, derived from, evolved from, derivative, hereditary, telegonous, of course, it follows that, naturally, consequently, as a consequence, in consequence, through, all along of, necessarily, eventually, cela va sans dire, thereby hangs a tale.

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