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osmiumn. [Gr. 'osmh` a smell, odor, akin to 'o`zein to smell. So named in allusion to the strong chlorinelike odor of osmic tetroxide. See Odor.].
     A rare metallic element of the platinum group with atomic number 76. It is found native as an alloy in platinum ore, and in iridosmine. It is a hard, infusible, bluish or grayish white metal, and the heaviest substance known. Its tetroxide is used in histological experiments to stain tissues. Symbol Os. Atomic weight 190.2. Specific gravity 22.477.  [1913 Webster]


osmium, n. Chem. a hard bluish-white transition element, the heaviest known metal, occurring naturally in association with platinum and used in certain alloys.

Symb.: Os.
Gk osme smell (from the pungent smell of its tetroxide)

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