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oriolen. [OF. oriol, oriouz, orieus, F. loriot (for l'oriol), fr. L. aureolus golden, dim. of aureus golden, fr. aurum gold. Cf. Aureole, Oriel, Loriot.].
     Any one of various species of Old World singing birds of the family Oriolidæ. They are usually conspicuously colored with yellow and black. The European or golden oriole (Oriolus galbula, or Oriolus oriolus) has a very musical flutelike note.  [1913 Webster]
Crested oriole. (Zoöl.) See Cassican.


oriole, n.
1 any Old World bird of the genus Oriolus, many of which have brightly coloured plumage (see golden oriole).
2 any New World bird of the genus Icterus, with similar coloration.

med.L oriolus f. OF oriol f. L aureolus dimin. of aureus golden f. aurum gold

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