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amiable, artless, bighearted, bluff, blunt, born yesterday, bounteous, bountiful, broad, brusque, candid, childlike, confiding, cordial, direct, downright, explicit, forthright, frank, frankhearted, free, free-speaking, free-spoken, free-tongued, freehanded, freehearted, friendly, generous, genial, genuine, giving, gracious, greathearted, guileless, handsome, heart-to-heart, hearty, hospitable, ingenu, ingenuous, innocent, large, largehearted, lavish, liberal, magnanimous, munificent, naive, neighborly, open, openhanded, outspoken, plain, plain-spoken, princely, profuse, receptive, round, simple, simplehearted, simpleminded, sincere, single-hearted, single-minded, stintless, straight, straight-out, straightforward, transparent, trustful, trusting, unchecked, unconcealed, unconstrained, undisguised, undissembled, undissembling, unequivocal, ungrudging, unguarded, unreserved, unrestrained, unselfish, unsophisticated, unsparing, unstinted, unstinting, unsuspicious, unvarnished, unwary, warm, warmhearted, welcoming

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