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obtusely | obtuseness | obtusion | obtusity | obumbrant | obumbrate | obumbration | obuncous | obvention | obversant | obverse


Adjective, Verb (transitive)


obumbratev. t. [L. obumbratus, p. p. of obumbrare to overshadow, cloud; ob + umbrare to shade.].
     To shade; to darken; to cloud.  Howell.  [1913 Webster]




VB be dark, darken, obscure, shade, dim, tone down, lower, overcast, overshadow, eclipse, obfuscate, offuscate, obumbrate, adumbrate, cast into the shade becloud, bedim, bedarken, cast a shade, throw a shade, spread a shade, cast a shadow, cast a gloom, throw a shadow, spread a shadow, cast gloom, throw gloom, spread gloom, extinguish, put out, blow out, snuff out, doubt, turn out the lights, douse the lights, dim the lights, turn off the lights, switch off the lights.

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