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obin. [Prob. of African origin.].
  •  A species of sorcery, probably of African origin, practiced among the negroes of the West Indies.  De Quincey. B. Edwards.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A charm or fetich.  B. Edwards.  [1913 Webster]
obin. [Jap.].
     A sash, esp. the long belt-like broad sash of soft material worn by women aound the waist when wearing a traditional kimono, and usually having a large bow at the back.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
    "Over this is bound the large sash (obi) which is the chief article of feminine adornment."  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]


obi, var. of OBEAH.

obi, n. (pl. obis) a broad sash worn with a Japanese kimono.

Jap. obi belt




N sorcery, occult art, occult sciences, magic, the black art, necromancy, theurgy, thaumaturgy, demonology, demonomy, demonship, diablerie, bedevilment, witchcraft, witchery, glamor, fetishism, fetichism, feticism, ghost dance, hoodoo, obi, obiism, voodoo, voodooism, Shamanism (Esquimaux), vampirism, conjuration, bewitchery, exorcism, enchantment, mysticism, second sight, mesmerism, animal magnetism, od force, odylic force, electrobiology, clairvoyance, spiritualism, spirit rapping, table turning, divination, sortilege, ordeal, sortes Virgilianae, hocus-pocus, magic, magical, mystic, weird, cabalistic, talismanic, phylacteric, incantatory, charmed, Circean, odylic, voodoo.

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