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marxismprop. n. 
     A system of economic and political thought, originated by Karl Marx, and elaborated by others. It holds that the state has been the a device for suppression of the masses, allowing exploitation by a dominant (capitalistic) class; that historical change occurs through class struggle; and that the capitalist system will inevitably wither away to be superseded by a classless society.  [PJC]


marxism, n. the political and economic theories of Karl Marx, Ger. political philosopher (d. 1883), predicting the overthrow of capitalism and the eventual attainment of a classless society with the State controlling the means of production.

Marxism-Leninism Marxism as developed by Lenin.
Marxist n. & adj. Marxist-Leninist n. & adj.



Bolshevism, Castroism, Communist Information Bureau, Communist Party, Fabian socialism, Fabianism, Maoism, Marxian socialism, Marxism-Leninism, Saint-Simonism, Stalinism, Titoism, Trotskyism, animalism, atomism, behaviorism, collective ownership, collectivism, commonsense realism, communism, democratic centralism, dialectical materialism, earthliness, empiricism, epiphenomenalism, guild socialism, historical materialism, hylomorphism, hylotheism, hylozoism, iron curtain, materialism, mechanism, nationalization, natural realism, naturalism, new realism, phalansterism, physicalism, physicism, positive philosophy, positivism, pragmaticism, pragmatism, public ownership, realism, representative realism, revisionism, secularism, socialism, state socialism, substantialism, temporality, utopian socialism, worldliness

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