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marred (root: mar)

Verb (transitive)
2 in 2 verses (in OT : 2 in 2 verses)



bandy, bandy-legged, battered, beautiless, blemished, blighted, bloated, blotted, botched, bowlegged, bruised, cacophonic, cacophonous, checked, cicatrized, club-footed, cracked, crazed, defaced, defective, deformed, destroyed, disfigured, distorted, dwarfed, dysphemistic, dysphemized, faulty, flatfooted, flawed, grotesque, homely, ill-made, ill-proportioned, ill-shaped, impaired, inelegant, keloidal, kinked, knock-kneed, malformed, misbegotten, misproportioned, misshapen, monstrous, mutilated, out of shape, pigeon-toed, pimpled, pimply, plain, pug-nosed, rachitic, rickety, ruined, scabbed, scabby, scarified, scarred, short on looks, simous, snub-nosed, split, spoiled, spoilt, stumpy, swaybacked, talipedic, truncated, twisted, uglified, ugly, ugly as hell, ugly as sin, unaesthetic, unattractive, unbeautiful, uncomely, unhandsome, unlovely, unpleasing, unpretty, unsightly, warped, wrecked

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