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Noun, Verb (intransitive)
3 in 3 verses (in OT : 3 in 3 verses)


lurkv. i. [OE. lurken, lorken, prob. a dim. from the source of E. lower to frown. See Lower, and cf. Lurch, a sudden roll, Lurch to lurk.].
  •  To lie hidden; to lie in wait.  [1913 Webster]
    "Like wild beasts, lurking in loathsome den."  [1913 Webster]
    "Let us . . . lurk privily for the innocent."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To keep out of sight.  [1913 Webster]
    "The defendant lurks and wanders about in Berks."  [1913 Webster]


lurk, v. & n.
1 linger furtively or unobtrusively.
2 a lie in ambush. b (usu. foll. by in, under, about, etc.) hide, esp. for sinister purposes.
3 (as lurking adj.) latent, semi-conscious (a lurking suspicion).
--n. Austral. sl. a dodge, racket, or scheme; a method of profitable business.

lurker n.
ME perh. f. LOUR with frequent. -k as in TALK



be latent, couch, creep, escape notice, gumshoe, hibernate, hide, lay wait, lie beneath, lie dormant, lie hid, lie in wait, lie low, make no sign, nightwalk, prowl, pussyfoot, shadow, skulk, slide, slink, slip, smolder, snake, sneak, stalk, steal, tiptoe, underlie




VB be invisible, be hidden, lurk, escape notice, render invisible, conceal, put out of sight, not see, lose sight of.


VB be latent, lurk, smolder, underlie, make no sign, escape observation, escape detection, escape recognition, lie hid, laugh in one's sleeve, keep back, involve, imply, understand, allude to, infer, leave an inference, entail, whisper, read between the lines.


VB conceal, hide, secrete, put out of sight, lock up, seal up, bottle up, encrypt, encode, cipher, cover, screen, cloak, veil, shroud, cover up one's tracks, screen from sight, screen from observation, drawing the veil, draw the curtain, close the curtain, curtain, shade, eclipse, throw a view over, be cloud, be mask, mask, disguise, ensconce, muffle, smother, befog, whisper, keep from, keep back, keep to oneself, keep snug, keep close, keep secret, keep dark, bury, sink, suppress, keep from, keep from out of view, keep from out of sight, keep in the shade, throw into the shade, throw into background, stifle, hush up, smother, withhold, reserve, fence with a question, ignore, keep a secret, keep one's own counsel, hold one's tongue, make no sign, not let it go further, not breathe a word, not breathe a syllable about, not let the right hand know what the left is doing, hide one's light under a bushel, bury one's talent in a napkin, keep in the dark, leave in the dark, keep in the ignorance, blind, blind the eyes, blindfold, hoodwink, mystify, puzzle, bamboozle, be concealed, suffer an eclipse, retire from sight, couch, hide oneself, lie hid, lie in perdu, lie in close, lie in ambush (ambush), seclude oneself, lurk, sneak, skulk, slink, prowl, steal into, steal out of, steal by, steal along, play at bopeep, play at hide and seek, hide in holes and corners, still hunt.


VB blend in, blend into the background, lie in ambush, lie in wait for, lurk, set a trap for, ambuscade, ambush, camouflage.

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