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broken, capricious, careening, catchy, choppy, dangling, desultory, deviative, disconnected, discontinuous, eccentric, erratic, fitful, flickering, fluctuating, guttering, halting, herky-jerky, heteroclite, immethodical, inconstant, intermittent, intermitting, irregular, jerky, nonuniform, patchy, pitching, rambling, reeling, rocking, rolling, rough, scrappy, snatchy, spasmatic, spasmic, spasmodic, spastic, sporadic, spotty, staggering, swaying, swinging, tossing, uncertain, unequal, uneven, unmethodical, unmetrical, unregular, unrhythmical, unsettled, unsteady, unsystematic, variable, veering, wandering, wavering, wobbling, wobbly

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