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lurchern. [See Lurch to lurk.].
  •  One that lurches or lies in wait; one who watches to pilfer, or to betray or entrap; one who lurks; a lurker; a poacher.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One of a mongrel breed of dogs said to have been a cross between the sheep dog, greyhound, and spaniel. It hunts game silently, by scent, and is often used by poachers.  [1913 Webster]
lurchern. [L. lurco, lurcho, a glutton. See 1st Lurch.].
     A glutton; a gormandizer.  [1913 Webster]


lurcher, n.
1 Brit. a cross-bred dog, usu. a retriever, collie, or sheepdog crossed with a greyhound, used esp. for hunting and by poachers.
2 archaic a petty thief, swindler, or spy.

f. obs. lurch (v.) var. of LURK

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