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lumpfishn. [From Lump, on account of its bulkiness: cf. G. & D. lump, F. lompe.].
     A large, thick, clumsy, marine fish (Cyclopterus lumpus) of Europe and America. The color is usually translucent sea green, sometimes purplish. It has a dorsal row of spiny tubercles, and three rows on each side, but has no scales. The ventral fins unite and form a ventral sucker for adhesion to stones and seaweeds. Called also lumpsucker, cock-paddle, sea owl.  [1913 Webster]


lumpfish, n. (pl. -fishes or -fish) a spiny-finned fish, Cyclopterus lumpus, of the N. Atlantic with modified pelvic fins for clinging to objects.

MLG lumpen, MDu. lumpe (perh. = LUMP(1)) + FISH(1)

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