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ludicrousa. [L. ludicrus, or ludicer, from ludus play, sport, fr. ludere to play.].
  •  Adapted to excite laughter, without scorn or contempt; sportive.  Broome.  [1913 Webster]
    "A chapter upon German rhetoric would be in the same ludicrous predicament as Van Troil's chapter on the snakes of Iceland, which delivers its business in one summary sentence, announcing, that snakes in Iceland -- there are none."
  •  Ridiculously absurd.  [PJC]
Syn. -- Laughable; sportive; burlesque; comic; droll; ridiculous.


ludicrous, adj. absurd or ridiculous; laughable.

ludicrously adv. ludicrousness n.
L ludicrus prob. f. ludicrum stage play



absurd, amusing, antic, beyond belief, bizarre, cockamamie, comic, comical, crazy, droll, eccentric, extravagant, fantastic, farcical, foolish, funny, grotesque, high-flown, hilarious, humorous, incongruous, incredible, laughable, monstrous, nonsensical, outrageous, outre, poppycockish, preposterous, priceless, quaint, quizzical, rich, ridiculous, risible, screaming, silly, weird, whimsical, wild, witty




N ridiculousness, comicality, oddity, extravagance, drollery, farce, comedy, burlesque, buffoonery, frippery, doggerel verses, absurdity, bombast, anticlimax, bathos, eccentricity, monstrosity, laughingstock, ridiculous, ludicrous, comical, droll, funny, laughable, pour rire, grotesque, farcical, odd, whimsical, whimsical as a dancing bear, fanciful, fantastic, queer, rum, quizzical, quaint, bizarre, screaming, eccentric, strange, outlandish, out of the way, baroque, weird, awkward, extravagant, outre, monstrous, preposterous, bombastic, inflated, stilted, burlesque, mock heroic, drollish, seriocomic, tragicomic, gimcrack, contemptible, doggerel, ironical, risible, risum teneatis amici, rideret Heraclitus, du sublime au ridicule il n'y a qu'un pas.

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