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Adjective, Noun


     One of a number of riotous persons in England, who for six years (1811-17) tried to prevent the use of labor-saving machinery by breaking it, burning factories, etc.; -- so called from Ned Lud, a half-witted man who some years previously had broken stocking frames.  J. & H. Smith. H. Martineau.  [1913 Webster]


luddite, n. & adj.
1 hist. a member of any of the bands of English artisans who rioted against mechanization and destroyed machinery (1811-16).
2 a person opposed to increased industrialization or new technology.
--adj. of the Luddites or their beliefs.

Luddism n. Ludditism n.
perh. f. Ned Lud, who destroyed machinery c. 1779

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