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34 in 33 verses (in OT : 34 in 33 verses)


loyaltyn. [Cf. F. loyauté. See Loyal, and cf. Legality.].
     The state or quality of being loyal; fidelity to a superior, or to duty, love, etc.  [1913 Webster]
    "Loyalty . . . expresses, properly, that fidelity which one owes according to law, and does not necessarily include that attachment to the royal person, which, happily, we in England have been able further to throw into the word.”"  Trench.
    "He had such loyalty to the king as the law required."  [1913 Webster]
    "Not withstanding all the subtle bait
    With which those Amazons his love still craved,
    To his one love his loyalty he saved.
    "  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- Allegiance; fealty. See Allegiance.


loyalty, n. (pl. -ies)
1 the state of being loyal.
2 (often in pl.) a feeling or application of loyalty.



abandon, acquiescence, adherence, adhesion, allegiance, application, ardency, ardor, assiduity, assiduousness, assigned task, attachment, bona fides, bond, bonne foi, bounden duty, bulldog tenacity, burden, business, call of duty, charge, commitment, committedness, compliance, concentration, conformity, constancy, dedication, deference, dependability, devoir, devotedness, devotion, devoutness, diligence, dogged perseverance, doggedness, duteousness, duties and responsibilities, dutifulness, duty, earnestness, endurance, engrossment, ethics, faith, faithfulness, fealty, fervency, fervidness, fervor, fidelity, fire, firmness, firmness of mind, fixedness, flintiness, good faith, heartiness, heat, heatedness, homage, impassionedness, imperative, indefatigability, industriousness, industry, inflexibility, insistence, insistency, intensity, intentness, line of duty, mission, must, obedience, obediency, obligation, observance, obstinacy, onus, ought, passion, passionateness, patience, patience of Job, patriotism, permanence, perseverance, persistence, persistency, pertinaciousness, pertinacity, piety, place, plodding, plugging, preoccupation, relentlessness, reliability, resolution, resolve, respect, rigidity, sedulity, sedulousness, self-imposed duty, seriousness, service, servility, servitium, settledness, sincerity, single-mindedness, singleness of purpose, slogging, spirit, stability, stamina, staunchness, staying power, steadfastness, steadiness, steeliness, stick-to-itiveness, stubbornness, submission, submissiveness, suit and service, suit service, tenaciousness, tenacity, tie, tirelessness, troth, true blue, trueness, trustworthiness, truth, unremittingness, unswerving attention, unyieldingness, vehemence, warmth, willingness, zeal




N obedience, observance, compliance, submission, subjection, nonresistance, passiveness, resignation, allegiance, loyalty, fealty, homage, deference, devotion, constancy, fidelity, submissness, submissiveness, ductility, obsequiousness, obedient, complying, compliant, loyal, faithful, devoted, at one's call, at one's command, at one's orders, at one's beck and call, under beck and call, under control, restrainable, resigned, passive, submissive, henpecked, pliant, unresisted, obediently, in compliance with, in obedience to, to hear is to obey, as you please, if you please, your wish is my command, as you wish, no sooner said than done.


N probity, integrity, rectitude, uprightness, honesty, faith, honor, bonne foi, good faith, bona fides, purity, clean hands, fairness, fair play, justice, equity, impartiality, principle, even-handedness, grace, constancy, faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, incorruption, incorruptibility, trustworthiness, truth, candor, singleness of heart, veracity, tender conscience, punctilio, delicacy, nicety, scrupulosity, scrupulousness, scruple, point, point of honor, punctuality, dignity, (repute), respectability, respectableness, gentilhomme, gentleman, man of honor, man of his word, fidus Achates, preux chevalier, galantuomo, truepenny, trump, brick, true Briton, white man, court of honor, a fair field and no favor, argumentum ad verecundiam, upright, honest, honest as daylight, veracious, virtuous, honorable, fair, right, just, equitable, impartial, evenhanded, square, fair and aboveboard, open and aboveboard, white, constant, constant as the northern star, faithful, loyal, staunch, true, true blue, true to one's colors, true to the core, true as the needle to the pole, marble-constant, true- hearted, trusty, trustworthy, as good as one's word, to be depended on, incorruptible, straightforward, frank, candid, open-hearted, conscientious, tender-conscienced, right-minded, high-principled, high-minded, scrupulous, religious, strict, nice, punctilious, correct, punctual, respectable, reputable, gentlemanlike, inviolable, inviolate, unviolated, unbroken, unbetrayed, unbought, unbribed, innocent, pure, stainless, unstained, untarnished, unsullied, untainted, unperjured, uncorrupt, uncorrupted, undefiled, undepraved, undebauched, integer vitae scelerisque purus, justus et tenax propositi, chivalrous, jealous of honor, sans peur et sans reproche, high-spirited, supramundane, unworldly, other-worldly, overscrupulous, honorable, bona fide, on the square, in good faith, honor bright, foro conscientiae, with clean hands, a face untaught to feign, bene qui latuit bene vixit, mens sibi conscia recti, probitas laudatur et alget, fidelis ad urnam, his heart as far from fraud as heaven from earth, loyaute m'oblige, loyaute n'a honte, what stronger breastplate than a heart untainted?.

Also see definition of "loyalty" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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