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Adjective, Noun


lowbrow, adj. & n.
--adj. not highly intellectual or cultured.
--n. a lowbrow person.

lowbrowed adj.



Gothic, Philistine, barbarous, bookless, dabbler, deceived, dilettante, dunce, fool, functionally illiterate, grammarless, greenhorn, greeny, heathen, hoodwinked, ignoramus, ill-educated, illiterate, illiterati, know-nothing, led astray, middlebrow, misinformed, misinstructed, mistaught, no scholar, nonintellectual, pagan, puddinghead, rude, tenderfoot, unbooked, unbookish, unbooklearned, unbriefed, uncultivated, uncultured, unedified, uneducated, unerudite, unguided, uninstructed, unintellectual, unintelligentsia, unlearned, unlettered, unliterary, unread, unrefined, unscholarly, unschooled, unstudious, untaught, untutored

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