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low profile


Noun Phrase
low pro=file


low profile

blear, bleared, bleariness, bleary, blur, blurred, blurriness, blurry, confused, dark, darkness, defocus, dim, dimness, faint, faintness, feeble, feebleness, filminess, filmy, fogginess, foggy, fuzziness, fuzzy, half-seen, half-visibility, half-visible, haziness, hazy, ill-defined, inconspicuous, indefinite, indefiniteness, indistinct, indistinctness, indistinguishability, indistinguishable, merely glimpsed, mistiness, misty, obscure, obscurity, out of focus, pale, paleness, semivisibility, semivisible, shadowiness, shadowy, soft focus, uncertain, uncertainty, unclear, unclearness, undefined, unplain, unplainness, unrecognizable, vague, vague appearance, vagueness, weak, weakness

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