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louvren. [OE. lover, OF. lover, lovier; or l'ouvert the opening, fr. overt, ouvert, p. p. of ovrir, ouvrir, to open, F. ouvrir. Cf. Overt.].
  •  A small lantern. See Lantern, 2 (a).
  •  Same as louver boards, below  [PJC]
  •  A set of slats resembling louver boards, arranged in a vertical row and attached at each slat end to a frame inserted in or part of a door or window; the slats may be made of wood, plastic, or metal, and the angle of inclination of the slats may be adjustable simultaneously, to allow more or less light or air into the enclosure.  [PJC]
Louver boards or Louver boarding, the sloping boards set to shed rainwater outward in openings which are to be left otherwise unfilled; as belfry windows, the openings of a louver, etc. -- Louver work, slatted work.


louvre, n. (also louver)
1 each of a set of overlapping slats designed to admit air and some light and exclude rain.
2 a domed structure on a roof with side openings for ventilation etc.

louvre-boards the slats or boards making up a louvre.
louvred adj.
ME f. OF lover, lovier skylight, prob. f. Gmc




N airpipe, air pipe, air tube, airhole, blowhole, breathinghole, venthole, shaft, flue, chimney, funnel, vent, nostril, nozzle, throat, weasand, trachea, bronchus, bronchia, larynx, tonsils, windpipe, spiracle, ventiduct, ventilator, louvre, jalousie, Venetian blinds, blowpipe, pipe, jhilmil, smokestack, screen, window screen, ' artificial lung, iron lung, heart and lung machine.

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