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loricatev. t. [L. loricatus, p. p. of loricare to clothe in mail, to cover with plastering, fr. lorica a leather cuirass, a plastering, fr. lorum thong.].
     To cover with some protecting substance, as with lute{1}, a crust, coating, or plates.  [1913 Webster]
loricatea. [See Loricate, v.].
     Covered with a shell or exterior made of plates somewhat like a coat of mail, as in the armadillo.  [1913 Webster]
     An animal covered with bony scales, as crocodiles among reptiles, and the pangolins among mammals.  [1913 Webster]


loricate, adj. & n. Zool.
--adj. having a defensive armour of bone, plates, scales, etc.
--n. an animal with this.

L loricatus f. lorica breastplate f. lorum strap

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