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     The state, condition, or quality, of being loose; as, the looseness of a cord; looseness of style; looseness of morals or of principles.  [1913 Webster]



Bohemianism, affability, allowance, amorphousness, approximation, bagginess, blobbiness, blowziness, blurriness, broadness, carelessness, casualness, chambering, chintziness, common touch, cordiality, culpa, culpable negligence, default, dereliction, deviation, disorder, disregard, dowdiness, ease, easiness, easy virtue, easygoingness, failure, familiarity, flabbiness, flaccidity, flaccidness, floppiness, fogginess, folksiness, frowziness, frumpishness, fuzziness, generality, graciousness, grubbiness, haziness, homeliness, homeyness, ill-definedness, impotence, imprecision, inaccuracy, inaccurateness, inadvertence, inadvertency, inattention, inchoateness, incoherence, incorrectness, indecisiveness, indefinableness, indefiniteness, indeterminateness, indifference, indistinctness, inexactitude, inexactness, informality, informalness, irregularity, laches, laissez-faire, lapse, laxation, laxity, laxness, leniency, lightness, limpness, loose morals, loosening, messiness, mistiness, naturalness, neglect, neglectfulness, negligence, nonfeasance, noninterference, nonperformance, nonrestriction, obscuration, obscurity, offhandedness, omission, overindulgence, overlooking, overpermissiveness, oversight, permissiveness, plainness, poor stewardship, predictable error, probable error, procrastination, promiscuity, relaxation, relaxedness, remissness, ricketiness, rubberiness, seediness, shabbiness, shakiness, shapelessness, shoddiness, simplicity, slackness, slatternliness, sleeping around, slight, slipshodness, sloppiness, slovenliness, slovenry, sluttishness, sociability, softness, sordidness, squalidness, squalor, standard deviation, sweepingness, swinging, tackiness, tawdriness, tolerance, unaffectedness, unceremoniousness, unclearness, unconstrainedness, unconstraint, unconventionality, uncorrectness, unfactualness, unneatness, unpreciseness, unpretentiousness, unrestraint, unrigorousness, untidiness, vagueness, wantonness, waywardness, weakness, whorishness




N diffuseness, amplification, dilating, verbosity, verbiage, cloud of words, copia verborum, flow of words, looseness, Polylogy, tautology, battology, perissology, pleonasm, exuberance, redundancy, thrice-told tale, prolixity, circumlocution, ambages, periphrase, periphrasis, roundabout phrases, episode, expletive, pennya-lining, richness, diffuse, profuse, wordy, verbose, largiloquent, copious, exuberant, pleonastic, lengthy, longsome, long-winded, longspun, long drawn out, spun out, protracted, prolix, prosing, maundering, circumlocutory, periphrastic, ambagious, roundabout, digressive, discursive, excursive, loose, rambling episodic, flatulent, frothy, diffusely, at large, in extenso, about it and about it.


N incoherence, nonadhesion, immiscibility, incoherence, looseness, laxity, relaxation, loosening, freedom, disjunction, rope of sand, nonadhesive, immiscible, incoherent, detached, loose, baggy, slack, lax, relaxed, flapping, streaming, disheveled, segregated, like grains of sand unconsolidated &c, uncombined, noncohesive.


N laxity, laxness, looseness, slackness, toleration, freedom, anarchy, interregnum, relaxation, loosening, remission, dead letter, brutum fulmen, misrule, license, licentiousness, insubordination, lynch law, nihilism, reign of violence, dethronement, deposition, usurpation, abdication, lax, loose, slack, remiss, weak, relaxed, licensed, reinless, unbridled, anarchical, unauthorized, adespotic.

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