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look forward to


look for=ward to


look forward to

anticipate, approach, await, be destined, be fated, be imminent, be to be, be to come, calculate on, come, come on, contemplate, count on, draw near, draw on, envisage, envision, expect, foreglimpse, foresee, forestall, foretaste, foretell, hope, lie ahead, look ahead, look beyond, look for, look out for, look to, loom, near, plan, plot, predict, project, prophesy, reckon on, see ahead, see beforehand, threaten, watch out for


look forward to


VB expect, look for, look out for, look forward to, hope for, anticipate, have in prospect, have in contemplation, keep in view, contemplate, promise oneself, not wonder at, not wonder if, wait for, tarry for, lie in wait for, watch for, bargain for, keep a good lookout for, keep a sharp lookout for, await, stand at 'attention' abide, bide one's time, watch, foresee, prepare for, forestall, count upon, think likely, lead one to expect, have in store for, prick up one's ears, hold one's breath.

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