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loner, n. a person or animal that prefers not to associate with others.



Diogenes, Hieronymian, Hieronymite, Timon of Athens, alien, anchoress, anchorite, ascetic, bedridden invalid, careerist, case, character, cloistered monk, closet cynic, crackpot, crank, desert fathers, desert saints, eccentric, egotist, eremite, fanatic, fortune hunter, hermit, hermitess, hobo, hog, homebody, individualist, invalid, isolationist, kook, lone wolf, marabout, maverick, meshuggenah, monopolist, narcissist, natural, nonconformist, nut, odd fellow, oddball, oddity, original, outcast, outsider, pariah, pillar saint, pillarist, queer duck, queer fish, queer specimen, rara avis, recluse, road hog, screwball, seclusionist, self-advancer, self-pleaser, self-seeker, self-server, shut-in, solitaire, solitary, solitudinarian, stay-at-home, stylite, temporizer, timepleaser, timeserver, tramp, tufthunter, type, zealot

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